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How can I get married by this year?

How can I get married by this year?

4 Answers

Harding Answered:

Discuss a marriage timeline with your partner, but do not rush or pressure marriage. It is a lifelong covenany commitment before yourselves, your family, and God, and rushing it is unwise.

Jagger Answered:

It is never wise to rush marriage - it is a lifelong commitment that should never be made hastily. There is no way that you can guarantee a healthy marriage in any specific time frame. You can date and make yourself available to date by "putting yourself out there" - meeting new people and going to places where you can make new friends - but it is unwise to try to "force" marriage before you find the person you want to marry!

Marriage_com Answered:

While it is not advisable, most couples can marry within 36 hours of filing for a marriage license. Upon receipt of the license, partners can seek a notary, judge, or clergyperson to sign the marriage license as an authorized officiant. Is this fast track a healthy approach? Usually not. “True love at first sight” is a myth. Healthy marriages are built upon mutual understanding, respect, and a tested love. These facets of healthy marriage cannot be obtained in a relationship that is only a few days old. Take time to know your partner and ponder your future before obtaining a license and “tying the knot.”

Quality is more important than quantity. What's the rush for getting married now? If the time is right, things will fall into place so the marriage can happen. If either of you has loose ends to tie up, it's better to wait.

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