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How to seek help in marriage?

How to seek help in marriage?

12 Answers

CleotildeGummer Answered:

A marriage will have conflicts and this is inevitable. If it is not so wild, then it is best to discuss with each other or a friend who cares and who can give an objective opinion. This helps fix problems quickly and increase social responsibility between couples.

MerylLark Answered:

Marriage couselors always do not cut it. This might call for some religious counselors to come for help. This will help the couple be reverent towards the solutions derived and keep the decisions stronger since God is involved.

ChariseCrouch Answered:

Marriages might be made in heaven, but it is not always heavenly. It will become stressful at times and seeking a therapist is not a bad idea. He will always help in advising you out of the problems and treat and relieve you out of stress.

SamRausch Answered:

It depends on the level of problems that arise. Try to look for a marriage counselor in times of intolerable trouble to fix things.

GRIFFIN Answered:

Religious figures can be great advisors in marital hardtimes.

Hammet Answered:

Consider your spouse above yourself and seek to grow in respect, kindness, and intimacy with your spouse. Share your marital issues with trusted friends and family who have your best interest at heart. See if your spouse is willing to do counseling.

Isaac98 Answered:

Continue marriage counseling throughout your relationship and commit your spouse to prayer. You cannot change your spouse, but they can change themselves. If you need help because you are being abused in any way, you need to confide in family, friends, and the appropriate authorities. You do not need to deal with this kind of issue on your own.

EDWARDS Answered:

It is very common for conflicts to arise in marriage. If the conflicts seem light, it is always good to discuss with a friend who cares for the well-being of both partners and is probably a common friend who is close. This will help sort the problem easily due to social responsibility.

COLLINS Answered:

If problems arise and you need bigger help than just a counselor, go for religious marriage counselling. There is always the fear of God involved which will make you take stronger decisions.

PARKER Answered:

If the marriage is becoming very stressful, seek a therapist who can not only advise over problems but also give treatments to relieve you out of stress.

TORRES Answered:

Depending upon the level of conflict that arises, seeking a marriage counselor is a good way to end the conflict for good.

Marriage_com Answered:

There is some good news if your marriage seems to be in trouble. Simply put, help abounds. If you are church/synagogue member, enlist the help of your clergyperson. Their expertise and insight are built upon hearty experience and a sound education. This type of counseling tends to be free. If marriage difficulties involve addiction, abuse, or mental illness, do not hesitate to seek the counsel of a therapist or psychologist. Most mental health services are covered under insurance plans. For those with no insurance and a low income, ask providers about a sliding scale for payment. In marriages marked by physical abuse, leave the marital home, keep children safe, and consult with law enforcement.

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