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How can I stop an affair in my marriage?

Answers (13)

pacothetaco said on
If you're the one having the affair, distance yourself from the person who you're having the affair with. Reconnect with your spouse. said on
You cannot stop an affair in the marriage. It is up to your partner (or you if you are the guilty party) to recognize that the affair will cause enormous heartbreak for all those connected with your family. If your spouse is cheating, you do have ownership in how you respond to the infidelity. Counseling, healthy nutrition, and exercise are simple things that can help you work through the anxiety associated with marital infidelity. Surrounding yourself with a cadre of supportive friends, relatives, and professionals is an important measure as well. Encourage your partner to talk about the infidelity. If he or she is open to conversation, marital healing is possible.
CARTER5 said on
Infidelity is intolerable for most if not all. Therefore, to stop an affair honestly take the decision to quit the affair. Having a half-baked idea about it never takes you there.
PHILLIPS said on
Everything takes time and stopping something immediately might not be easy although the situation demands. After you decide to quit an affair, make efforts to immediately reduce the time and effort spent towards that affair.
EVANS5 said on
Cut the affair in its initial stage. If you're sharing something intimate with the opposite sex, that is a clear sign to cut that short. This includes problems in the marriage to the other person of the opposite sex. This is a no-no.
TURNER said on
Remind yourself once again of the vows taken during marriage. Marriage is a responsibility and you need to be commited to it. Be aware of the most dangerous places where infidelity stems up including office and the internet. Have your limits there and you will be safe.
Hallward said on
Confront your spouse and call upon friends and loved ones who will help hold your spouse accountable. Ask your spouse to remove the circumstance and person that led him to cheat from his/her life. Seek reconciliation and counseling. You cannot control your spouse, but you can give them a chance to repent if you would like to save your marriage.
Hyman4 said on
Confront your spouse and seek professional counseling together as to how your marriage ended up in a place of infedelity. Talk openly about what led your spouse to be unfaithful to you, and work towards forgiveness and healing if you'd like to save your marriage.
SamRausch said on
Well having an affair is illegal, immoral and non-Christian. It breaks marriages easily. It is intolerable for anybody. Take an honest decision to stop this and if you are skeptical about taking a decision, this will never take effect.
ChariseCrouch said on
Nobody can stop something right away. This includes having affairs. Even though this is very bad to do, weaknesses are hard to overcome. After deciding to quit your affair, take small steps towards that goal and eventually let go of it.
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