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How to deal with trust issues in my marriage?

Answers (15)

honeymoon said on
Trust is a thing that is being created or destroyed on the way. Trust is built when what you say coincides with what you do. So when you say you love someone make sure that your actions speak the same language.
freezingcoldinsummer said on
Trust is created through honesty.  Make the communication a two-way street (no nagging!), and express your feelings with love and transparency. said on
Trust issues can devastate the marital bond. If you are dealing with trust issues, the first question to ask is, “Was this an issue before I met my partner, or do his/her actions feed my trust issues? If you answer affirmatively to the first part of the question, seek therapy that focuses on family systems or cognitive-behavioral intervention. If you answer affirmatively to the second portion of the question, healing will necessitate you and your partner agreeing to submit to couple’s therapy to explore the issues that led to distrust.
RAMIREZ said on
If you want to learn to trust your spouse, start trusting yourself and make sure you show your true self to the other person first.
CAMPBELL said on
Trust issues rise because of a complex. Just because you've cheated in the past you might have a problem trusting your partner with it. Understand why this distrust arises and fix it.
MITCHELL said on
Avoid white lies in a relationship. This might sound angelic at first but if the partner ever finds out, that creates an impression which is hard to change.
ROBERTS said on
Accept mistakes. Ask what can be done to rebuild trust again. Follow up on the promises given after a commitment is given to be worthy of his/her trust and you are good to go.
COOK76 said on
If your spouse is the one that caused the break of trust, then talk to them about why you feel you can't trust them anymore, and see if they are willing to address those issues. If they are not, then you will need to either proceed to get counseling or maybe even a divorce.
RIVERA said on
Trust is the hardest thing to regain. If if it is your fault that the trust has been broken, ask your spouse what it will take to regain their trust, and then comply, even if it seems initially unreasonable.
SashaL said on
Trust takes years to build and seconds to destroy. The problem is that the person who broke the trust often gets impatient when the other person takes a long time to trust them again. I have seen marriages become happy and fulfilling again even after infidelity and illegitimate children so it is possible. But it will take a lot of love, commitment, patience, tears and work to rebuild it. It can be stronger than before if both people are going to fight for it.
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