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How healthy is my marriage? How do I know this?

Answers (14)

sunshine said on
If you have fun with your husband, if you talk frequently and frankly, if you have the feeling that life is better and easier with him, if you never seriously ask yourself if it would be better to leave, if you still have fullfilling sex and you don´t feel that it´s very different for your husband then you probably lead a healthy marriage.
MommasGirl1 said on
The health of a marriage depends on how well you and your partner are clicking.  Do you enjoy spending time together? Do you worry when the other person isn't by your side? Can you disagree but still respect and love each other? said on
While it is impossible to give a marriage an alpha-numeric grade for overall health, there are some approaches available for those seeking outside insight into their marital health. In addition to using the time-tested counseling approaching, couples can also find some helpful diagnostic inventories on the web. These marriage inventories, often designed and tested by experimental psychologists, tend to rank a couple’s marital health against a “control group” of previously tested marriages. When normed against marriages that have the same demographic markers as the current couple’s marriage, helpful insights are possible.
BAKER4 said on
Nothing says healthy marriage than the ability of expressing empathy. If couples can empathize over the spouse over problems mostly and other emotions, it is a healthy marriage.
ADAMS5 said on
It is pretty obvious. A very good sex life. Be it adventurous, romantic or tender a healthy sex life defines a healthy marriage well.
NELSON said on
Conflict: It might sound counterintuitive but a constructive conflict which results in decisions taken for the betterment of the relationship tells how healthy a marriage is. It tells how comfortable the couples are in expressing their dislike towards certain aspects of the relationship.
HILL45 said on
Sense of humor: Couples must learn to laugh together,j laugh at each other and to some extent laugh at funny situations. This helps in enjoying life together and solve some problems that seem stiff without humor.
Claire_Matthews said on
If you and your partner still laugh together, spend quality time and are always honest and open thats a good sign. Personally I think that if you are asking this, then you must have some worries about it and you should maybe sit down with your partner and ask how they are feeling
Hunt74 said on
Each marriage is different, but mutual respect is a staple in each healthy marriage. The best way to know if your marriage is healthy is simply by being honest with yourself. People find happiness in different ways, and it is no good to compare you marriage to other marriages to find out if you're happy. Comparing your marriage to other marriages is likely to make you MORE unhappy!
Halbert said on
Are we having healthy conflict in our marriage and continually fighting for the health of our marriage, even if some conversations are difficult? Being willing to work through things together rather than sweeping issues under the rug is a good indicator of a healthy marriage.
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