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How can I know if my husband is unhappy in our marriage?

How can I know if my husband is unhappy in our marriage?

4 Answers

Hadenr Answered:

Make your home a safe haven for your spouse - a place where they can find rest and peace away from a busy world. Both of you should be able to find rest in your home - consider your spouse's needs as you build your home together, and honor them by pulling your weight around the house as far as cleaning and maintenance go.

Bail45 Answered:

Clear communication is key - rather than nagging your husband, be kind and try to open the door for conversation. This is important as it makes him feel respected, and many men shut down and become emotionally unavailable when they feel nagged or disrespected.

Marriage_com Answered:

The best way to gauge your husband’s happiness in the marriage is to ask him. If he,seems insincere in his response, nonchalant, or just unresponsive, you can,assume there is inherent unhappiness at work. Relatedly, significant behavioral,changes may point to unhappiness. Regardless, it is not your job to make your husband happy. Marital happiness presupposes the individual’s happiness and the couple’s willingness to partner in infusing the marriage with joy, understanding, respect, and levity. Further, it is always helpful to enlist the expertise of professionals before the angst becomes deeply ingrained in the contours of the marriage.

Many times, people who are unhappy in relationships stay away. If your husband is spending more time out with friends than usual, it may be time to have an honest conversation.

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