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What can be the reasons that I am unhappy in my marriage?

What can be the reasons that I am unhappy in my marriage?

5 Answers

Gilbert Answered:

Many times our spouse frustrates us and then we look on every small thing they do with contempt. Work to forgive your spouse - a good marriage is made up of two great forgivers.

Atkins Answered:

Many marriage issues arise because of selfishness - take an honest assessment of yourself to see the ways in which you have been selfish.

Marriage_com Answered:

There are both internal and external reasons for discontent in marriage. Examples of internal forces that lead to discontent include depression, fatigue, grief, anger, and other emotional triggers. Unresolved issues from one’s family of origin could also lead to unhappiness. Physical illness can stoke discontent too. External forces that lead to marital malaise include a partner’s substance abuse, infidelity, disinterest in the relationship, and/or abuse. Both internal and external triggers of unhappiness can be mitigated with holistic self-care. Trusted friends, therapists, physicians, and clergypersons are trained to help individuals dealing with marital unhappiness.

Twocatsonedog22 Answered:

One reason you may not feel happy in the marriage is because there is a lack of communication. If two people try to live life together, but they aren't on the same track, there will be friction. Ask yourself, honestly, 'Do I resent my spouse?' If the answer is yes, figure out why.

Whiterabbit Answered:

There are so many reasons to be happy and probably the same amount of reasons to be unhappy. Examine yourself during the day, look at your thought, write a diary. This way you will find out what makes you unhappy about your marriage.

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