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What should I do after realizing that my marriage is not worth it?

What should I do after realizing that my marriage is not worth it?

5 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Sometimes marriages just do not work out due to issues beyond our control. Incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, or the way people can change and grow apart, are all issues common to relationships that eventually fail. Infidelity is one common issue that many spouses simply will not tolerate. This is a personal choice, after all. If you feel that your marriage is broken beyond repair, or has more issues than you can reasonably handle, and you feel you have given it your absolute best, you will have to sit down with your spouse and tell him your feelings. Let him know that you are always on his side and that you will always care deeply for him. IF there are children, let him know that you do not intend to make any problems for him when it comes to custody and seeing the kids. Place the feeling within yourself, and avoid blaming. Tell him you will be filing for divorce, and what steps you are going to take in furtherance of that decision. Ask him how he feels. Try not to linger around or allow him time to try and persuade you; that could be a trap. Just be sure that you genuinely take space and time for yourself for healing, the worst thing you can do is to jump into the dating scene right away. Make arrangements with your partner about who will move, who will stay, etc. As for the children, the more amicable you can be during this process, the better. You will want to work out the way you split the kids’ time between each other, rather than involving the courts- unless of course there is good reason.

FLORES Answered:

Once you've decided that your marriage isn't worth it, make sure your spouse is aware. If you are both in agreement, you can get a divorce fairly easily these days, and for about $150-300. There are many lawyers listed online that can help you with this.

STEWART Answered:

If you are well and truly convinced that you marriage is a lost cause, and no amount of counseling or help will fix the issue, then you'll want to talk to a divorce lawyer to figure out how to separate yours and your spouse's assets.

Counseling is a good place to start if there are feelings of hopelessness in the marriage. This gives an outside, objective perspective on what's happening, and therapists can offer advice on possible next steps.

Sparkle Answered:

First thing is to be honest with your partner. Tell him how you feel so he/she can understand your reasons.

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