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What are some questions to ask your spouse regarding marriage?

What are some questions to ask your spouse regarding marriage?

4 Answers

Gerry4 Answered:

When have you felt most loved and cared for in our marriage? When have you felt most hurt or ignored? What are some dreams you have for our life together?

Artis4 Answered:

Is there anything that I used to do at the beginning of our marriage that you wish I'd start doing again? Is there anything I do now that makes you feel disrespected? Is there anything new you'd like to try together?

Marriage_com Answered:

It seems obvious that individuals should really get to know their partners before they are actually married to them. In as much, it is very appropriate to ask your partner questions that explore family of origin, vision for the future, spiritual beliefs, thoughts about family, and financial understandings. While these question areas are in no way an exhaustive list, they begin to explore areas of your partner’s life that should be considered before marriage. Further, you must be willing to disclose the information you request of your partner. Discussion before marriage mitigates surprises in marriage.

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