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Can you suggest some marriage advice for newlyweds?

Can you suggest some marriage advice for newlyweds?

4 Answers

Geary3 Answered:

Work to build a community of people who will encourage you in your love for one another and that you can have fun with as you build your life together. Take trips with these people and invite them into your life. It can be easy for newlyweds to isolate themselves and hang out with only each other, but that is not healthy in the long run.

Arledge Answered:

Make a budget and do your best to stick to it - money causes conflict in many marriages. If you are young, remember that it takes time to build wealth (or any savings at all!) and do not become frustrated with a tight budget - you will be happy you were frugal in the years to come!

Marriage_com Answered:

The best advice for newlyweds is simply this: The honeymoon will not last, and that is ok. While you may be terrified on the day you and your partner reach an impasse or have a significant disagreement, the difficulty is not the end of the world. Use the partnership trouble as a teachable moment. How does each partner express concern? Is compromise a tool in our tool box, or do you need to learn how to compromise? Checking-in with a therapist of clergyperson is always a useful option. Visiting with one of these professionals at the 6 month and 1 year mark in the marriage will afford newlyweds with the opportunity to identify and address potential problem areas.

Make time for each other every day; whether you have breakfast together or go on a date night, quality time keeps communication open.

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