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Can you share some marriage advice for men, specifically?

Can you share some marriage advice for men, specifically?

6 Answers

Pepper Answered:

At the beginning of a relationship, write down all the things you love about your partner, hide it somewhere and take it out regularly to remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place. Try to find something to praise instead of always criticising. Spend regular time on your own, away from children, friends and family. Always put yourself in their shoes and don't do or say something you wouldn't want done to you. Hug your wife and tell her you love her many times a day and see what a difference it makes.

Garroway Answered:

Learn what your wife's love language is - quality time, gifts, acts of service, etc. - and take the time to thoughtfully consider how you can love her in the ways she most appreciates.

Aquiline Answered:

Understand that sexual intimacy is an emotional thing for your wife, not just physical. Romance her, and make her feel special. Do not consider her as an afterthought - rather, be intenional about caring for her in this area.

Marriage_com Answered:

Men, your wives are not servants, subservient, or lesser than you in any way. If youdesire a healthy, self-giving marriage, please treat your partner with respect and admiration.Your partners gifts, vision, and contributions to your married life are important, worthy, and necessary for the long-term vitality of the marriage. If your partnership has traditional gender roles (male works, female cares for house), you should still ensure that your wife is fully invested in all areas of decision making. Further, it is never appropriate for the “man” to control the financial vehicles like checking and savings accounts. Again, respect and admiration are always appropriate.

Women read into situations more than men, generally. Make sure you're communicating clearly and check in to make sure that your wife is on the same page.

Sparkle Answered:

Do I treat my woman as a treasure? Do I consider her as a gift that I appreciate every day? Do I pay her enough attention? Do I show her that I desire her? Do I share my feelings with her?

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