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What are some questions related to marriage and family that couples must ask?

What are some questions related to marriage and family that couples must ask?

4 Answers

Garrison Answered:

How long do we want to wait to have children, and how many children would we like to have? Do we want to have only biological children, or would we like to foster and adopt children as well?

Amherst Answered:

How do we want to parent our children - will someone stay at home, or will we both work full time and pay for childcare? Will a stay at home parent go back to work once the children start school? There are many options for this, and they should be discussed before you have children. The conversation will, of course, continue after the children are born, but it must begin before pregnancy/adoption.

Marriage_com Answered:

Partners that decide to have families have a plethora of questions to share and ponder. Where will the children go to school? What type of parenting style do the parents wish to adopt? Where will the children receive medical and dental care? While partners cannot be in agreement about every issue under the sun, they can agree to communicate and negotiate on the big issues that pertain to family life. In the modern era, it is not especially efficient to compartmentalize family roles vis a vis “bread winner” versus “homemaker.” In most partnered situations, these roles should be shared by both partners.

Are we setting a good example for our children on how a healthy relationship looks?

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