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What are some questions that married couples should ask?

Answers (17) said on
Any effective premarital counseling offering will include a Q and A exchange with partners. Questions to consider if you are in a position to offer counseling include:

1. What should I know about your family of origin?

2. How do you deal with conflict or disappointment?

3. What is your vision for children?

4. Has your immediate family ever wrestled with addiction?

5. Is there a history of divorce or other estrangement in your family of origin?

6. Are there any potential harmful secrets you are withholding from your partner?

7. What type of emotional support do you have beyond your partnership?
sparkle said on
Are we happy with how things are going or is there space for improvement? Do we fulfill each other´s needs?
freezingcoldinsummer said on
Asking for help (or if the other person needs help) can make each person in the marriage feel like there is equal contribution.
freezingcoldinsummer said on
What can we do to keep the spark lit? Are we setting enough time aside to spend together without distractions? said on
Married couples should always express a keen interest in their partner’s health and wellbeing. Asking daily questions that probe a partner’s physical health, work satisfaction, spiritual vigor, and vision for the future are examples of queries that build rapport and communicate genuine interest in the other.

Additionally, questions about the partner’s family of origin and friendships also deepen the marital bond. Questions should always be posed in a manner that invites discussion instead of “yes and no.” If a partner is not in a communicative mood, it is imperative that the inquirer recognize and respect space.
WRIGHT said on
One of the most important questions to ask after getting married is how good am I doing as a husband/wife?
said on
If there are two things that you want me to change in me, what would they be? Once changed, will it make our relationship stronger?
SCOTT34 said on
What are some of the ways in which I can make you feel more special? Is it a romantic date night, a long drive, or a walk in the park? It can also be something entirely different than romance as well. Keep the choices wide.
GREEN4 said on
What are some of the ways in which we can become more intimate that we already are? It does not mean this stage is any lesser but it is a retrospection to make things even more healthier between us.
Allard said on
Rather than simply asking "How was your day?" ask thoughtful and specific questions that lead to deeper conversation. Ask things like, "What made you feel valued today?" and "What made you feel frustrated today?" Think about ways you can open conversation with more specific questions rather than asking broad questions that are overwhelming to answer.
Garfield said on
Ask your partner regularly if they are feeling loved and cared for - ask them what small things you do that make them feel loved and respected, and things you do that may make them feel uncared for and disrespected. Be willing to talk about difficult topics as well as light topics.
Alderney said on
Ask practical questions about how you can help one another manage and clean your home. Maybe your husband grew up in a home where his mother did all the cleaning, but you grew up in a home where you family shared cleaning responsibilities. These things are more engrained in us than we realize! Communicating these family dynamics can make the home a more comfortable place for everyone.
Frey98 said on
Discuss who will be paying bills and handling bank accounts. It best to have one person who can oversee the payment of bills and any bank/credit card accounts. Trying to manage it between two people sometimes allows things to slip through the cracks.
JorgeSontag said on
If you are married and some time has passed and you are having a good time. Ask your spouse, how good am I doing being your husband/wife? Request honesty and know where you stand.
EdmundMcilrath said on
In life we always reflect and married life is also a path where you reminise and reflect. Ask you spouse, If there are a couple of things you want me to change, what would they be? Will this change get us be more intimate? See the magic afterward.
ElbertBlackstock said on
Everyone are different. So get your spouse to answer these questions. How to make her/him feel special? Is it a long drive near the sea?, a candle light dinner? How about a movie night? or a cuddle? Your romance can be significantly different than your spouse and hence get to know this.
EfrainRidout said on
How do you get more closer than you already are? Ask this question. You want to make a relationship stronger by the day not to demerit the current intimacy but to improve on things.
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