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How to avoid money problems in marriage?

How to avoid money problems in marriage?

5 Answers

Abigail Answered:

I think planning finances together can play a big role in avoiding such problems. Making a financial checklist together can really help the case.

Sydney Answered:

Have monthly budget meetings to make necessary adjustments and address issues. Especially for the first few months, you will need to be flexible and make changes as you realize your spending habits may or not be realistic for the budget you've created.

Kayla2 Answered:

Agree on a monthly budget before you are married. Money problems plague many marriages, and it can be difficult to make join decisions on how you will spend and save your money. Decide on a budget and commit yourselves to stick to it.

Marriage_com Answered:

Research indicates that money problems are the number one predictor of failed marriages. Before partners are married, they should be fully transparent with one another about debts, income, savings, retirement, and the like. Also, the partners should engage in conversations and exercises that truly explore financial compatibility and incompatibility. Agreements about accounts – shared, solo, or otherwise – should be discussed and established before the marriage is underway. Remember, most family courts recognized “marital debts and assets.” If the parties are unwilling to find common ground on financial issues, the court will establish common ground for you.

Sparkle Answered:

The couple should have a book where the write down all the money they earn and the money they spend.

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