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How can I tackle my everyday marriage life problems?

How can I tackle my everyday marriage life problems?

12 Answers

EfrainRidout Answered:

Nobody has the luxury of being together always. This means work might seperate you two. This not only does take you apart but also makes work chores a big deal. This creates issues. Try to schedule your work and delegate it equally so nobody is going to be surprised. Jot it down and still have room for change. Then there is always hiring someone to keep things subtle and settled.

ElbertBlackstock Answered:

No matter who you are, financial issues will crop almost always before and after marriage. Discuss these things and if it is a tough time, talk about it. This avoids a fight and helps you tackle tough times. If you are spendster, try to hold that after marriage. Acknowledge the benefits of saving and at times spending and learn from each other.

EdmundMcilrath Answered:

One of the things you should never let go off in a marriage is making love. You release endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone, estrogen, and many more. It is like a hormonal detoxification of bad emotions. If your life becomes hectic, make a plan for it. THis will surely make you stick together more intimately and have the excitement factor up and running. Do not forget the quickie.

JorgeSontag Answered:

Marriage is a happy journey filled with problems. Ironical but true. What causes it? Lack of communication. If you want to fix an issue talk about it. Let facebook status updates and whatsapp profile photo bombings, calls and fitness be set aside a bit. Have a conversation and not a time of yelling and fighting. Fix things constructively.

Vivian Answered:

Use your words to communicate clearly, not to attack or cut down your spouse. Conflict can be good and healthy in your marriage when you fight fair. It can tear your marriage apart if you are seeking to "win" arguments rather than reconcile with your spouse.

Cadence Answered:

Clear communication is key when handling problems - sit down, look each other in the eye, and discuss your issues with respect for one another. When two people know each other well, it can be easy to assume that they know what you're thinking or what you intend with your words. This isn't always the case, and it is important to be clear with how our spouse makes us feel - the things that bother us and the things that make us happy.

CLARK54 Answered:

The biggest problem in a marriage is lack of communication. The best way to tackle any problem is by talking about it. While talking, having complete attention to each other and let whatsapp, facebook, calls, sports and everything else take a back seat. No yelling but have a constructive conversation.

CLARK4 Answered:

Couples can be working outside home and sometimes more than one job. During this time work chores can be a problem. Delegate work and have a schedule as to who is doing what. Write it down and be open to solutions and changes. If you both hate doing household chores, hire someone to avoid the conflict or share it with each other.

HARRIS Answered:

Money becomes a problem even before exchanging rings whether rich or poor. In this case, be honest if it is a crunch and always set aside time to discuss these problems and try to avoid a fight when it arises. One might be saving and another spending and so acknowledging the benefits of both. Learn from each other.

GONZALEZ Answered:

Never give up sex for any reason as it increases intimacy on a hormonal level by releasing hormones like endorphines, dopamine, oxytocin and many others. If sex becomes hectic and difficult, plan it. This brings in excitement and expectations to the table. And then there is always quickie sex that can come in handy.

Marriage_com Answered:

Communication, self-care, and advice are the key pieces to tackling everyday marriage problems. Partners should learn and practice effective first-person/ I first communication. I feel… Obviously, self-care is an important facet of marriage management too. If your body and soul are functioning in a substandard manner, how can you positively contribute to the easing of marital duress? Rest, exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition enhance self-care and one’s ability to cope and troubleshoot. When you truly feel overwhelmed by marital woes, do not hesitate to ask for help from trusted friends, professionals, and clergypersons.

It is important to try to see issues from alternate point of views. If you can understand why your partner is angry or hurt, it may open the door to an honest conversation.

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