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What are the most commonly asked marriage questions?

Answers (13)

loislane1234 said on
How will you discover your spouse's love languages?
happykid said on
How do your love languages affect the way you spend time together and love each other well?
MOOREER said on
The most common question is: Am I fully ready to marry you? Am I ready to share my emotions, feelings, my bed, my body, my time and my money. Am I ready to put your happiness over mine? Am I ready for sacrifices and compromises for my spouse?
THOMPSON said on
How much will the wedding cost? Is there a budget? Are we sharing? Is the marriage a flamboyant festival or a simple occasion that still holds to be special? Are you both ready to choose one?
WHITE43 said on
Copasetic sex life. How active are you sexually? What can be tolerated in sex and what cannot be? How often is sex accepted by both? If sexualities differ, how is it sorted?
LOPEZ5 said on
How do you define marriage as individuals? How do you value marriage and what does it mean to you? Share the thoughts and understand if there are differences. If there are good points that can be added, gladly do so. Be ready to view objectively to understand the different definitions.
Adeline said on
How do your love languages affect the way you spend time together and love each other well? There are specific ways that each of us feel most loved - whether that be quality time, acts of service, gifts, physical touch, etc. Learn how your partner feels most loved and seek to serve them in that way.
Paisley said on
How will you discover your spouse's love languages? Love languages are a big relational topic, and it is important to realize that your partner may not receive love in the same way that you tend to give love. Better understanding this will make your relationship stronger and make your partner feel better cared for.
Jeremiah said on
Depending on the source there are so many different questions asked. Some of the most common found are:

What will happen to our sex life? – This one pops up a bunch because of the misconception that once a ring goes on, you should kiss your sex life goodbye. If you had a healthy sex life before marriage there is no reason for that not to continue.

How much does a wedding cost? – The average wedding costs anywhere from $20,000-$30,000. Of course this is merely a snap shot and the range is huge. A courthouse affair will caught you roughly $150 and the cost of a dress should you choose all the way up to a multi day extravaganza which may cost $60,000 or more. Come up with a budget and stick to it.


Am I ready to get married? – This is probably the most important question one should ask themselves; preferably before the engagement, but this question can linger after the excitement of the initial engagement has worn off. If the answer is, “No” don’t go through with it.


Is this truly the right person for me? – This question goes in line with, “Am I ready?” Can you put up with the minor annoyances? Can you overlook some of their weird habits and embrace their quirks? Do you two fight all the time or are you generally copasetic? This is a question best asked before the engagement, but can bothersome all the way up to the ceremony. If
your answer is, “No” again don’t go through with the marriage.


How will children affect our relationship? – Because they will affect your relationship. Sometimes this is in a subtle way, for others their entire relationship dynamic will flip. If you two bond together and decide to be a united team, children won’t shift things too much. If your bond is strong to begin with children will test you a little, but ultimately strengthen and add to the familial bond you’ve started as a married couple.

 Will/should the bride change her name? – Traditions are shifting and culturally it’s not so unusual for a woman to keep her last name or use a hyphenate. Make sure you discuss this beforehand. She may not be terribly traditional and you both need to be okay with the outcome. In the end, it is her choice to change or not.


Do you want children? If so how many? – If one party wants kids and the other doesn’t resentment willgrow. If the spouse that wants children has to give up that dream, they may wind up hating the other and may go so far as to end the marriage if that is what they
truly want. If kids happen anyway the party that didn’t want kids may feel trapped or tricked. So discuss this thoroughly before making any major commitment.

Will/should we combine bank accounts? – Some couples do and some don’t. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this one. Decide what will work best for your dynamic. The answer may change at some point, as needs change in life so the choice made today might not be the permanent one.

How will we handle each other’s debt? – Disclose your financial past to each other. Do not hide any of this because like it or not
your situations will be combining and affecting each other. If one has a 500 FICO and the other an 800 FICO this will have an impact on any major loan purchases such as a home or a vehicle if financing is needed. Don’t wait until the loan application is submitted on your dream home to discuss. Any secrets will come out anyway, be upfront and come up with a plan to tackle the debt situation.

These are just a fraction of the potential questions that should be asked before getting married. You may have some that are completely unique to your situation and that’s fine. If you feel a topic is important to you bring it up. The fewer surprises that crop up after the “I dos” the fewer strains there will be on the marriage. Being honest will only set you up for a successful relationship.
JorgeSontag said on
Are you really ready for marriage? It is again a responsibility and this needs to be properly thought before getting into it as there is no turning back. Are you ready to share your body, feelings, time and money on someone? Are you ready to put your happiness below the significant other. Are you up for sacrifices and cutting corners for your spouse?
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