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OCD- I'm so serious

My husband is obsessed with his private area.
He goes around talking about the size of his penis like it’s a normal thing.
I don’t know if he is self-conscious about his package or what.
Is it a male thing?

4 Answers

Peter_dias Answered:

Sometimes, our egos get tarnished as we get older. It’s nothing about our wives but a self-conscious thing. He’ll grow out of it, in due time.

Feliz_rozario55 Answered:

You are classifying his obsession with his package with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I find humor in your post. Probably the funniest one I’ve seen on these boards in a long time. The closer my husband got to 50; he began to worry about his stuff and talked using those gas station pills. It was a lesson well learned for him, once we were in the mood and began playing. His stuff was erected for over an hour and began to tenderness to his genital area. I had to rush him to the hospital with a package of peas in his pants. He never used those pills ever again.

Julia_fernands Answered:

Laughing my butt off! Your husband likes talking about his package. I don’t know what planet these men have fallen from, though my husband has ventured to the health food store more now than ever. He is obsessed with these male enhancement vitamins. I can’t say, I’ve noticed much of a difference. I’m more worried about his physical health than the size of the package. Just mewink

Bhugis Answered:

Well - men will always be men. Which means that most of them will be obsessed with the size of their things. You just have to learn to live with that. Just joke along with him and lighten the situation whenever he brings it up and he'll soon stop being so focussed and fussy about it. However, if it border on too much, then have an adult discussion with him and tell him that you think it's silly and he needs to stop giving it so much attention. I hope this works. All the best!! yes

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