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What are some christian pre marriage counseling questions?

What are some christian pre marriage counseling questions?

3 Answers

BAKER4 Answered:

How will you manage your finances together? There are many financial planning resources that couples can use to make a budget and stick to it. This allows a third party to act as a mediator between couples based on a financial plan agreed upon before the marriage began. This is crucial and proactive for mediating conflict surrounding financial issues.

David Dawson Answered:

How will we implement prayer and the study of scripture into our marriage? How will we invite our children to join our time of Bible study and prayer? If both spouses were raised in a religous home, they may have experienced different things for what this looks like in a home. Will the husband initiatate and lead the time together, or will he and the wife take turns? How often will we seek to practice these disciplines in our home?

Whiterabbit Answered:

What does God expect from us as a couple? How can I live my love in God? How can we raise our children in God?

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