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What marriage counseling questions can be asked before marriage?

What marriage counseling questions can be asked before marriage?

14 Answers

EfrainRidout Answered:

Having a happy married life is something that should be exercised with romance and understanding. Check with your partner how she/he understands romance. Is it a hot date, a hike, a long drive, making love or some quality time in the bed hugging? Jot down the answers and make sure all of them are fulfilled.

EdmundMcilrath Answered:

Marriage is two different individuals coming together and therefore there will be intolerant things found. FInd out what those things are and how much can be tolerated. Things like dishonesty in having affairs, hiding financial data, alcohol consumption and others. If these things are exhibited ,what are the consequences.

ElbertBlackstock Answered:

When two individuals might fall in love easily, they might not always be sexually similar. Always find out who is going to jump on the bed for a quickie often than the other. Who does not like it? How often and more or less should be discussed.

JorgeSontag Answered:

In the event of a marriage, two people of different types come together. Therefore, the primary questions would be how to handle conflicts followed by who is more submissive and who will be the first one to handle the situation carefully and stuff like that.

Jeremiah Answered:

Couples should jot down the questions they would like to ask ahead of time, to be prepared for counseling sessions. Consider what is important to you, in your life, whether that is family, God, career, or any hobbies or passions you have. Consider anything you do in your life that could affect your partner. Make questions that relate to these; such as: How many children would you have? What if I wanted more children, or fewer? What if my family comes to stay for the holidays? Will you tolerate them? I travel frequently for my job. Will you be okay with me being absent for several days or weeks? Would you still be happy if I don’t come to church with you? What will we do if I lose my job? What if you lose yours? I want to own a home someday. How can we work together to negotiate our goals?

Marriage_com Answered:

There are many thought-provoking questions that may be asked by your counselor to help you prepare for your future together. The questions range between a variety of topics, including sex, finances, interests, attitudes, family goals, career, and more. Some examples of the questions that may be asked are: What are your life’s goals? Do you plan to have children? When, and how many? What is your image of God? Are you religious? Do you feel you are emotionally healthy? What issues have you faced in past relationships? How long have you known your partner? What do you believe are the roles husbands and wives should play? What are your spending habits? How do we plan to support ourselves? Do we have debt? How will we handle conflict?

Hyman4 Answered:

How have our goals and dreams for our life together changed during our first year of marriage? How have your worldviews changed as a result of marriage?

Leighton Answered:

What are some of the things that we admire most about one another? What are some ways we've seen each other grow over our time together? What are some areas you'd like to see yourself grow? What are some areas you'd like to see our marriage grow?

BAKER4 Answered:

How much of our money will we donate/give away? What will our philosophy be about spending vs. saving? Money issues plague many marriages and cause a lot of conflict. It is imporatant that you have a plan for your finances before you take the next step together. There is always room for compromise and flexibility in the budget, but both partners must be on the same page.

MILLER Answered:

Sexuality varies from person to person. Hence, how often love making is accepted for the significant other? More or less? How often?

JONES4 Answered:

Couples getting into a marriage will have things that they cannot tolerate as individuals. So what are the issues that cannot be toleraed! Is it dishonesty in financial matters, extra marital affair, drinking, et al. What will be the consequences of these behavioral audacities.

BROWNE Answered:

Marriage is two different people being together and hence conflicts arise. So how to handle conflicts and confrontations? When one is aggressive, what will the other do to handle the situation with care?

Twocatsonedog22 Answered:

What can we do to improve the way we communicate?

Purplerain Answered:

What are the reason for us to argue, how do we argue and how do we feel about expressing your anger? Those kinds of questions make you accept the anger and help you to transform it when you discuss about it with a therapist.

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