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Should I be worried if my wife with another man?

My wife started playing an online game a year ago.
She interacts and talks with people through the game every day.
She and I took an out of state trip to meet one of her male friends from the game.
Now she is going to meet another male game friend that lives close to us.
I honestly believe she is not wanting to meet these men for romantic reasons.
Should I be more concerned? Should I tell her I don't want her to meet these men?

1 Answers

Marriage_team Answered:

Hi Hhj733, Why do you not want your wife to meet with these men if you are convinced that they are just her friends? What is it that makes you so uncomfortable? I think you can discuss this with you wife and clear the air. Tell her in a nice way that it bothers you and have a healthy discussion around this. Maybe it has something to do with communicatinng openly with your partner. Take this step; it will only help in improving your relationship with her. Good luck!

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