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How to increase love in a marriage?

I want to improve love in my marriage. How can I do that?

Answers (3)

helpinghand said on
Marriages are like any other relationship and must be nurtured in a healthy environment. There is no specific manual on love and marriage and one may never be able to get a Masters degree on these matters.

The simplest way to increase love in a relationship is doing the little thing for and to each other. It is important to pass complements to each other ever so often and if possible every day, this will reassure partners of their love for each other.

It is also important for couples to develop a good line of communication, when couples understand each other it is less likely that they will have many unnecessary confrontations.

Touching and holding hands is also important in order to rekindle and keep the fire burning in a marriage. They should also constantly show that they desire each other sexually and also that they are fully satisfied with each other.
LoveCoach said on
lovekara, I honor you for wanting to bring more love and passion into your marriage!  There are so many different ways one can do might want to start with what I call a "State of the Union" can be a date night or even just the two of you over pizza at home...the goal is to have these "meetings" once a week, or ever two weeks at the longest, and you honestly and openly discuss any issues that either of you thinks need discussing, and then you also set goals for the relationship such as planning get aways or the holiday plans or perhaps you have been wanting to join a gym and need to get that set in stone or joining a non-profit group together so you can experience some growth and contribution outside of yourselves.  These are all excellent ways to increase intimacy which will bring more love and passion into the relationship!!  I would also HIGHLY recommend Gary Chapman's books...Four Seasons of Marriage AND the Five Love the Love Languages book, you both take a little quiz that guides you to learning each other's love other words, how does your partner like to receive love? Are they tactile and physical or are they more verbal or perhaps they like the acts of service such as washing their car or running errands that they need to do or perhaps they are visual and they like little love notes or gifts...knowing how your PARTNER likes to receive love will give you lots of insight into areas that might be murky right now.  I wish you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion! <3
Destiny Couple said on
Great Question!

My wife and I work together so it is even more important that we feel this union as a couple because work can get in the way.

What we do is try to reward ourselves, and do something together, either when we have reached a goal to do in the week or at some time once a week.

This has to be somewhere that is only about us, and we don't let work get involved or any distractions. It is our time only.

We also daily try to say 2 things that we like about our partner, and what they have done in the day that we have liked. For example, when one of us cooks a great meal, we will say how great a cook the other person is.

In the evening, we go to bed and spend at least an hour catching up as a couple, and it doesn't have to be about physical intimacy or sex, but rather it can also include small talk and general chit chat.

Any disagreements we have, we do not let them to ripen, and try to address them as quickly as possible.

I think a really strong thing to do to improve love is to keep showing the appreciation for your partner, and to also plan some life goals together and work on them together. We are currently planning a holiday this year so it brings excitement and a closeness to our marriage.

Hope this gives you a bit more to think about, let me know what you think :)
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