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How can I become a foster parent?

I am very seriously considering this but not sure how I should go about it.
Can someone please guide me?

1 Answers

Helpinghand Answered:

The path to becoming a foster parent depends on the state in which you live. Visit the county website in your jurisdiction and look for the department that handles the foster care program. Generally, there is an orientation to attend as the first step. The orientation should explain the program and the process to become a certified foster parent. At this early stage, you have made no commitment and are garnering information. When you attend orientation, take notes, and write down any questions prior to, and during the orientation. Some of them may be answered during the orientation; others you will have the opportunity to ask. Consider what it takes to be a good foster parent. Your home will need to be warm and inviting, and include an extra space for a child. It will most likely need modifications to make it safe for a child. Consider the logistics: does your personal lifestyle allow you the time, space, and ability to meet the needs of a child? All foster children need special care and attention due to emotional trauma. The next step will be to attend the required classes, and to start the application process. Know that the county will ask very personal questions in their application; and will need a detailed criminal history, among other things. You must be comfortable providing this information.

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