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Where do I get a marriage license in Oklahoma?

Where do I get a marriage license in Oklahoma?

1 Answers

Eliza23 Answered:

You can get a marriage license at the county clerk’s office in Oklahoma.

You are required to produce a driving license, birth certificate, passport or a social security number if you are not a resident of Oklahoma.

Also, both parties must appear in person; the parents of the couple also need to accompany them in order to sign consent forms.

Mostly, couples who are of age get the certificate immediately.

The license is valid for ten days and can only be used within the state of Oklahoma. Marriages in this state can be officiated by the ordained minister of the Gospel if couples are above the age of 18 years.

The cost of a marriage certificate is roughly about 50 dollars. If one was married before they will need to show proof of divorce or a death certificate of their f ormer spouse.

Hope this information helps you. All the best!  

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