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Where can I get free marriage counseling?

Where can I get free marriage counseling?

8 Answers

emmasmith Answered:

marriage counseling is available to build a happy, long lasting and healthy relationship and the best way to bring your declining relation back to the loving state.

Jhon15 Answered:

From advice articles you can get free marriage counseling

Christian Answered:

If you do not have insurance and are unable to afford the high cost of a therapist, there are free options accessible in most cities. Churches and other religious organizations offer marital counseling, generally the priest, minister, or other appointed person, will provide the service. Some churches make referrals if they do not provide therapy in-house; this may be an excellent option for people who really prefer a licensed therapist, and who do not necessarily want faith-based counseling. Another way to seek out free counseling services is to do a search for “non-profit agencies marriage counseling”, “low-cost counseling agencies,” “sliding scale marriage counseling”, and the like, and be sure to search in your town or region. Many graduate students in Marriage and Family Therapy programs actually provide free counseling services in their colleges or out of community agencies, to gain clinical experience. These students are qualified professionals, and are usually passionate about their work, making universities a great resource.

Frey98 Answered:

Most churches offer free marriage counseling for members of their congregation.

THOMAS4 Answered:

Crisis Family Care is a free service online that provides limited marriage counseling to families in need, especially for those with children.

ALLEN234 Answered:

Most churches provide free or cheap marriage counseling, and some states provide cheap marriage counseling.

Shinyeyes Answered:

Most of the free counseling that will be available through your local community center or church.

Cool_sarah Answered:

The best way to obtain free marriage counseling is to identify a church, synagogue, or mosque that operates a counseling center. These non-profits generally have a sliding scale approach to services. If a couple’s income does not reach a certain level, services are free. Colleges and Universities that train psychologists often offer free services if a couple is willing to see a psychology student under supervision. Priests, pastors, imams, and rabbis typically offer free services, too.

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