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What advise can you give on marital separation?

I'm going through separation and it's hard.
Need some advice on how to cope

3 Answers

Sherman_p Answered:

Hi LoveCoach, thanks for your answer and the concern. We've been married almost 5 years and yes, she initiated it. She's left the house and lives on her own now (we both are in the same city though). She' had an affair with someone from her workplace and she believes it's for real...and wants to end it with me. There were some issues with both of time, I felt like we'd already drifted apart and lived our own lives....Yes, I was not there for her many times ...and drowned myself in my business which I have been working v hard on. But I thought she'd understand...she wanted to have a child as well...but I was not 100% into it. I wanted more time to start a family (my main reason being my focus is completely on my work)....But now, I guess...I don't know...I'm devastated. I wish I could do things differently. But I think, it's over....I just want to get some peace...Not able to do anything now.

LoveCoach Answered:

Sherman.p can you give me some more information? How long have you been married? How long have you been separated? What were the reasons for the separation? Where is your partner now? I think by the sound of your question, your partner initiated the talk about or the actual act of separation. What were the reasons given for the separation? If we start with this information, we can begin to help you get where you need and want to be! Find your inner strength, and love yourself! I look forward to your answers and to helping you! I want you to live a life of gratitude, abundance, and passion!

Pally_polly Answered:

Marital separation almost always precedes divorce. If you are pondering marital separation or find yourself on the receiving end of a marital separation, recognize that the separation is not about space, “finding one’s self,” or healing the marriage, it is a prelude to the end of the marriage. Use the time to engage in self-care, counseling, and consultations with an attorney (if appropriate in your situation). If you or your spouse are really convicted that the marriage will last, than the separation should include couples counseling. No exceptions! Don't lose heart... I'm sure it's hard out there for you. But you will sail through. All the best and God Bless you :)

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