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Divorced yet in a lot of pain

My wife and I divorced last year.
The marriage lasted for 5 years.
There were lots of issues in the marriage too.
Money, compatability, children (we did not have any; we just spoke of having them but there were differences there too) basically lots of issues.
But now without her, I feel I should have tried more.
I should have worked harder, cared more.
I do miss my wife and I'm not able to get closure even now.
I feel like somehow we can start all over again.
Should I approach her? I dont know what she feels.

1 Answers

LoveCoach Answered:

joezawn, I am so sorry you are in such pain. I am also sorry no one answered your questions before now. I just found this site a couple of days ago, but I am here to help. I do not know where you are now in terms of your thoughts and feelings, so if you would, give me an update, and I would be more than happy to help navigate you! I wish you gratitude, abundance, and passion!

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