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My husband says he wants to leave

My husband just returned back home from a week long trip.
He looked very pissed off.
He just told me he was tired and wanted to sleep in the guest room.
That irritated me and I asked him what was going on.
He said he needed time to think and that he has also booked an appointment with a counselor.
That got me really worried, so I argued and demanded answers.
He said he was unhappy and that over the years all i I have done is been critical of him and never appreciated him.
Or even loved him.
Now that was a big surprise for me as it was always my husband who has nevrr treated me as his priority.
I remember all the times he has let me down emotionally and now he accuses me? I am so angry.
and he is going to this counselor all by himself! M also scared that he will leave I dont want that.
I mean we get miserable in this marriage but that does not mean I want to end it.
I am so confused.
I do care about all this, and i dont want him to divorce me.
Please help me - i dont know what to do.

1 Answers

Marywalks Answered:

I think you both love each other but there is a lack of communication between you both. Please speak with each other as adults (without arguments) and open your hearts out to one another. This can save your relationship greatly. If you must have a friend or a councelor who can intervene and guide you, then do that as well!

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