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How do I avoid being clingy?

My husband is a very loving and understanding man.
In the last 2 years of our marriage, we have been inseparable and always do things together.
but since a few months, he seems irritated and we have had a few arguments as well.
I realize myself that I am being clingy and I hate to be that way but I cant help it.
whenever he wants to go out for drinks with his friends, I feel left out and wish he’d rather want to have a quiet dinner with me.
I know I should stop it and give him space but I always want to be with him.
How can I help myself?

3 Answers

LoveCoach Answered:

frustratedwife, I only recently found this website, and I know your question is a bit old, but I would LOVE to offer a compassionate ear! I understand your need for closeness with your husband, and I think that I could help you both build an amazing relationship in which you both feel totally fulfilled and completely loved and one that will include time apart without any feelings of jealousy or doubt! If you are open to having a conversation, let me know, and we can schedule a time to talk! I truly wish for you a life of gratitude, abundance, and passion!

Robertjn Answered:

Get a grip. Go hang out with friends or join a creative / hobby class.

Robertjn Answered:

Just stop being clingy! It's not love woman - you have an issue and you need to work on yourself. Your husband, sooner or later, will get frustrated with such behaviour. Go out and do the things you enjoy. Being married, in no way, means clinging on to each other all the time.

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