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Nagging Wife

If she nags me one more time, I’m going to run away.
My wife nags about everything in the world: Not being able to have more time to her Having to contribute more to the house financially The kids and their friends Having company over at the house Having to cancel her plans, if I get called into work for overtime And the list goes on and on.
I wish she would put a sock in it.

4 Answers

Hannah Answered:

This may sound funny now but is actually a serious concern. If this behavior continues, this may escalate into a big problem and both partners will not be able to stand eachother. From where I see it, I think the gap here is due to communication. She is not being able to communicate her concerns properly to you and you can't speak your heart out to her either. You need to learn the art of communication with each other; share your concerns nicely, talk things out and understand each other.... Think about it.

Sammy Answered:

Women are challenging! My last three wives didn’t seem to understand the nagging drove me crazy. Been single for one whole month.

Asdassss Answered:

As a woman, I wish could offer you some advice but we are the way we are, as creatures. Will it get? Maybe, after she hits menopause. After I started menopause, my husband seemed like he appreciated being around me more than our earlier days. He would often say I was more pleasant and easier to be around. I hope you understand the moral of the little story.

Nia Answered:

Man, Women will be women! Been married for 11 years and counting.

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