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Relationship advice how to forgive

I am having the hardest time forgiving my wife.
She accepted that she was attracted to another man.
I know this person personally and I'm so angry with her.
She admitted that she had feelings for him for a while and was really drawn to him (they work together).
She says she realized that she could not do it and wants 'to work' on our marriage.
But I'm so angry and keep thinking she's just going to cheat and hurt me.
She says nothing had happened between them but I have my doubts.
Should I forgive and let this just go? I'm v.
angry - pls advice me.

3 Answers

Lee1979 Answered:

I think most important thing is to talk to each other honestly, without either of you getting angry or insulting. Both of you need to think about why this happened, and I really don't think she can place the blame on you. You both need to look at what happened in your past or your family and why you have such a strong reaction and why she was vulnerable. You also need to feel that she has told you everything with complete honesty so your mind does not run wild imagining what may have happened.

Helpinghand Answered:

It's hard to let it go, I can understand. But if your wife insists that she was just merely attracted to this man and that nothing else really happened between the two of them, then it is important that you believe her. Why would you not trust her? Has something like this happened in the past as well that you have reasons to doubt her? If not, then let it go...

For a successful marriage, partners need to practice forgiveness. 

LoveCoach Answered:

james001, I am so sorry to read that you are going through such a tough time. I would love to offer some words of encouragement and assistance if you are still struggling with this or any other issue. Everything can be rectified, we just need to get you both back to where you were when you first fell in love, and that can absolutely happen! Let me know where things are now, and I would be happy to help! I wish for you a life full of gratitude, abundance, and passion!

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