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After 6 years of marriage my wife says right now she wants a divorce on 6 weeks who know, is she unsure what she wants

Me and my wife have been together for 11 years, 6 married.
She had surgery in November and we celebrated our anniversary dec 29 and nothing was wrong.
Then a week later she wanted to be seperated.
She says that when she was in the hospital she had time to think.
She was 18 when we got together and is 29 now and she thinks she missed out on things and isn't sure if she is happy.
It has been 3 months of being seperated and living in the same house and doing marriage counseling.
She hasn't done anything to start really bring seperate (getting her own place etc).
We also have 2 kids, 5 & 3.
Is she serious about divorce or unsure?

1 Answers

Namnam Answered:

I think its already great that you both are going for counselling. She seems to be unsure about things and is probably going through a phase. Give her time to think - since you both have kids and a life together and really as such nothing is wrong with the both of you, then its most likely that she will think things over and come back to you. Whatever it may be, it should be a mature and well-thought over decision. For this, please continue going for marriage therapy. It will help her - and you as well. A marriage is not something that can be broken off easily - surely she knows this too. It is imperative you take help at this point- it will help in establishing what she means by 'having missed things out'. If she feels that she has missed on things like doing work that she passionate about or taking a holiday, then she can do them now. What stops you both. I surely would urge you to continue going for counselling. All the best !:)

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