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Why aren't there any decent women out there?

God must really be crazy because I can say for sure that nowdays it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent woman with whom you wan't to get in a meaningful relationship and possibly get married.
I mean most young women are only looking to go to the next party and for one night stands.
It's bizzare but I have given up hope of ever finding a decent woman.

2 Answers

Ruby Answered:

You need to look around and you will find many decent, sophisticated, intellectual, and beautiful women. You just need to get out of your virtually/artificially created world. The world is full of what you are looking for, alas your definition of decent is wrong altogether! My suggestions! Change your city. Meet new people. Go on a vacation to a different country.

Ryan_dcruz Answered:

Hi, I think you are strongly mistaken. While there may be loads of women who may be interested in casual relationships, there are lots others who want and crave to be in meaningful, long-term relationships. Perhaps, you've met a few and formed an opinion that the whole lot is like that. But it isn't so. All I'm saying is that probably you're looking in all the wrong places.

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