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what do i do when i am deprived of sex from my husband?

me and my husband have been together for about two years and married about 7 months.
when we first started dating our sex life was amazing.
everyday, we had fore play and it was amazing.
we tried things.
a few months passed and we started going to church more and the pastor told him he was being called to preach.
now that were married and hes preaching he has deprived me of everything.
i get sex like 3 times a month now and everytime i bring it up he argues with me.
my heart is broke because i feel unwanted anymore.
what do i do?

2 Answers

Solomon Answered:

Pray, a lot. Stay focused on God. Tell him to read the Song of Solomon. You need to get in the word and learn everything you can about what God says a wife should be. Put what God reveals to you into practice and do when you get a good handle on that then start working on learning what God says about being a husband.

Namnam Answered:

Oh my God! That is like totally crazy. How can he do that to you? Please try and have an adult conversation with him that what he is doing is completely incorrect. Just because he goes to church and has some responsibilities there, does not mean that he has to eliminate sex from his life. Especially since this is the beginning of your marriage, sex is very important and you both need to nourish your relationship. Sit with him and explain that this is not some dirty activity that makes him unfit for church duties. He can fullfill both. Try and be understanding and patient. Find out if this the real cause of this problem or is there something else that is upsetting him? ....Good luck!

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