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Married to a Child

I can’t tell you the last time my husband cleaned anything in this house.
He lays his clothes all around the house.
His dirty gym clothes never seem to make it to the washer, let alone the laundry basket.
It is repulsive when we have company over, which is often.
He’ll leave his personal things all over the house.
He doesn’t make his friends clean behind themselves and will even leave the beer cans and empty containers on the coffee table.
I don’t mind having company over to the house.
In fact, I would rather for him to have his friends over then to be out in the streets hanging out.
I just want him to learn how to clean behind himself and his friends.

4 Answers

Michelle_gels Answered:

I sat back and read your post and was amazed at your post. He is your husband, not your child. There is no reason for you to feel compelled to clean up after your husband like a child. I married a man. Not a little boy. Treat him as such. As much as it may drive you crazy, you need to put your foot down. Stop cleaning up after your husband for a week or so. Allow his company to come over and leave the mess, as it is. It drove my husband crazy when for two weeks straight, I went on a house cleaning strike. When I came home from work, if he didn’t clean up his mess from the previous day, neither did I. My husband commonly has company over at least twice a week, and it wasn’t long before his friends were talking about how nasty his house was and laughed about the empty beers lying around from the previous night. Men hate to be embarrassed when their egos are involved.

Debbieee Answered:

Make a list of expectations for him. He wants to have company then he needs to respect the home you all share and be accountable for his lazy ways. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Faye Answered:

Communication is the name of the game. If you do not voice your concerns to your husband, he will never know what you are feeling. We both possess qualities that seem to drive the other person completely crazy, although we communicate those concerns to each other. You should really consider chatting with him about your concerns. Good Lucksmiley

Feliz_rozario55 Answered:

Sweetheart, you can’t complain about something that you have allowed him to do. You have to train your man like you would train your child. If you want him to clean up after himself, then you have to tell him. As long as you continue to allow him to leave a mess around the house, then he will continue to do it. You allow him to do whatever he wants; he will continue to leave his mess all around the house.

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