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What do I do to stop my husband falling in love with someone else?

He is in a affair and,communicates more with her than with me.
He expresses his affection for her all the time, and very rarely with me

2 Answers

Fglakeside Answered:

Let him know your true feeling about this and moreso,let him know your best option is to back out. This is only to prove to him you are not a confused person since he's acting like one. If there is more to his behavior he will surely speak or finally accept he can't keep two of you...

Martin Answered:

Are you serious? He has already confessed that he loves someone else. You need to accept this reality. Do you just want some crumbs for yourself from this relationship? I can only imagine how much hurt, pain and insult you must be going through right now. You don't need any of these in your life, believe me. The universe wants to offer only the best to you - and this def is not what you, what any woman deserves. Please pull yourself together at this point - get out of this mess that is no fault of yours. You have no control on someone's life - you cant make someone fall in or out of love - and it cannot be induced either. If your husband is over you and this relationship , then what is left for you? You may think that you still love him, but in love there is no place for such things. Please understand this. Get a hold on your life and move on... the best await you now. I know it for sure - it's just too clear from where I see. All the best and God bless! :)

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