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How to get him to make a decision?


My husband has been saying for months he wants to switch careers but he is afraid of not making as much money as he is now.
We have an ample amount of money in our savings to cover the next year of living expenses.
I have attempted several times to reassure him that we will be fine as a family, but he is lacking the ability to make a quick decision.
Am i wrong to demand him to decide a date over the next three months?

4 Answers

Op_happy Answered:

I would love to know why you are putting so much pressure on your husband. Reversing the roles, I hate when my husband hounds me about anything. How would you like for him to hound you about making a big career change.

Nattsss Answered:

If he is worried about being able to financially support his family, than sit down with him and talk it out. If he doesn’t feel that he has your undivided support, then he will continue to doubt his ability to make any sudden moves.

Peter_dias Answered:

If you want to risk losing your husband, than force him to do something and you will learn quickly. I hate being forced into doing anything and made that decision so many times in my marriage. We are in divorce court now and it isn’t pleasant.

Ross_confused23 Answered:

Swithing carrers is difficult. Give him some time, you know... Being unsure is not always bad, it is a sign of thoughfulness :)

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