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Tired of the constant blame

My husband and I have been married for 20 years we have 3 kids and now he's driving me crazy again.
It's got me so confused that I just don't know if it is my fault.
There are so many things but the current one is that my teenage daughter who has been awesome we just caught grieving an online relationship.
Well as I deal with that.
My husband tells me that it's a bad influence and that it's manifesting on her and that it's probably something I did not knowing years ago and that I needed to pray for clarification on when this happened and release it.
Then today he gets home an starts interogatring me on if I got on my knees to pray and it just turned into a huge argument.
I'm just so tired of the constant blame for everything.

1 Answers

N_marriage Answered:

Pray ? I believe in prayers too - but I would never impose my beliefs on others... praying to get clarity about something is a great idea, but we need to have the right wisdom to take proper actions that can solve our problems... He needs to understand that blaming won't do anyone any good. if your husband is concerned about your daughter, then the problem must be solved directly. find out what her real issues are, is she in bad company, what are some of the things that you as parents can do to help her out, offer emotional support to her well as to each other. if he is arguing with you all the time, then you need to clarify and tell him that it's spoiling things completely .....try going to a counselor as well....he may have his own concerns which he is not currently able to tell you...that is why that behavior.....

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