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I would appreciate if you would read all of this!

I would appreciate if you would read all of this! I think it all started at around the age of 7 or 8.
I got married as a child of the age of 4 or 5 and my wife was the age of 2, I believe.
Her and I agreed to be married now its like she is being abuse and so am I for no reason.
It is actually a lawful mirage and so the surrounding law enforcement agency's cant complain about the desine or the marriage because the way that the marriage works is that when harmed or abuse by the law it is the congress telling the law enforcement agency about them causing abuse and compensating the marriage and of course law enforcement follows the law that why people are safe and cared for as with themself.
Being that I had to ask bout parties of congress and law enforcement to get married.
What happen was I hade to go to the head of her house and ask the head of her house and that is supposed to be a comparisons of the state both representatives of the house of congress and so I had to go and ask law enforcement also being like her dad and then I and to ask herself.
She agreed and courtship happened.
All of a sudden a bunch of people popped up and a bunch of people started to get hurt now she won't talk to me (not that she ever acknowledged that she was married to me to begin with.
) I have gone and asked some woman and they said the she has to be being raped for a marriage like that to not work out.
I have taken all the necessary steppes true out my life so that none of my action could cause her to be harmed.
I even got married the proper way so she and other woman could not complain about the type of treatment that could "possibly" happen.
But for some reason she is not with me and I believe that fraud is happen with miss conception so to rape.
I would like help in regards to this.
I know that some of it sounds odd but it is all true and discussions about the history of America and the history books themselves prove that my post is truthfull and so I would greatly appreciate all the help that you can provide.

2 Answers

JasonNaillieux Answered:

Thank you. You as a marriage counselor is there any that you know of?

Rachel Answered:

I am not sure I understood what you exactly meant here,. Or what has happened with you over the years,. But I did gather that this could be a grave matter which requires legal intervention. My only advice would be to consult a good lawyer who could help you resolve this.

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