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Afraid- Please Help

My husband’s drinking is increasing faster than the weather changes in Chicago.
He was forced to go out on temporary disability a few weeks ago because of an injury he suffered at work.
He’s a construction worker and took a mean fall off a roof of a structure.
He had to have surgery on his back and was released from the hospital two nights ago.
Things have been challenging for him to adjust to being home with the kids.
I know he is hurting a lot.
Although, he is consuming a case of beer a day now and is refuses to take his pain pills.
Is it too early for him to be developing an addiction to alcohol?

4 Answers

Begss_t Answered:

You need to reach out to his doctor and let them know your concerns. As his wife, it is your responsibility to communicate your concerns. It sounds like he may be depressed but he can’t drink his problems away.

Nattsss Answered:

The first comment stated your resolution so well. Don’t buy him beer every day. The more you support the substance the more he will drink. End of story. The power of “NO!”

Tom_blues Answered:

Addictions are very serious. If your husband is drinking a case of beer a day, while refusing to take his pain pills; it is apparent he is self-medicating. You should really decrease supporting the alcohol, as I can infer you are purchasing it from the store, since he was recently released from having back surgery.

Raoul54 Answered:

Maybe you need to take him to a specialist who can help and guide him better. Since you know he refuses to take pain killers, he prefers drinking over it any day. so your fear of addiction may be pretty legitimate. you could even try consulting a close friend who can talk to him , you know man to man types. any case, you should deal this with a lot of love, comfort, patience and understanding.

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