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How can I leave her?

I love my girlfriend so much.
She also loves me.
I don't want to marry her.
She is forcing to me for marriage.
Many time we made relation on bed.
I love her on bed.
I don't want to have a marriage with her.
She is forcing me for marriage and going to court and trying to complain.
What should I do? Now I want to leave her.

4 Answers

Calvin Answered:

Hey N.marriage whatevr your name. I talked with her but no luck. When i met her se started weeping. She loves me so much. I can not live without her. I learnt a lessaon "This is no metter of my family. This is my metter and i will solve this by marry her. :P so sweet. Today i am seeing myself so happy."

It was like this ( broken heart ) Now like (heart)

N_marriage Answered:

More than what your family likes or dislikes, it is you who needs to decide what needs to be done about this matter. Clearly, you have made up your mind. Please speak with her and explain that getting married won't be a good option for both of you in future. Try and explain yourself - that would help her understand your situation and perhaps let go. All the best!

Calvin Answered:

Dear N.marriage, She belong to a upper class family and i am a worker. I can not afford her and my family don't like him also. I want to leave her.

N_marriage Answered:

You are exactly the kind of man no woman in her right mind would ever want to be with. What kind of love is it that you have for her when you are not serious about committing to her at all? Why don't you want to marry her if you claim to 'love' her. And if you were not serious from the start, why didn't u communicate this to her well before getting physically involved with her? Do you even know how tough it is for a woman...Im not saying that is easy for a man, but it's definitely harder for women. Please reconsider your decision or attitude - you cant just give up a relationship and move on. If you still believe that you can't go through this (for whatever reason that you have not stated above) then tell her up front and break all ties. It will hurt her but in time even she will realize that it was good riddance - breaking up with you.

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