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I don't know what to do!

My wife's been acting stange lately and that confuses me a lot.
She never liked being online and did not even have a FB account.
She recently made one for herself which she told me about.
I knew her password details and for a while she kept sharing with me that she's liking the online world and it is fun.
But then she started to spend all of her time there.
That got me intrigued and I logged on one day to check what she's been up to! I found that she's having a whale of a time with some random young guy - they exchange snaps with each other and he even calls her 'hot' which apparently she appreciates very much.
I cannot imagine that my wife's doing this! I don't think they've met because he's in another country but if given a chance, I'm sure she will.
For me, she has betrayed my trust and this bothers me a great deal.
What should I do? PS - We've been married 10 years.

2 Answers

Hanna Baker Answered:

If this bothers you so much, speak with her and ask her what she is up to. For all you know, she may just laugh about it and say it's no big deal.... but do remember that social media can sometimes harm relationships as well - so be careful and telll her to be careful as well. Communicating openly with her is the key.

Graham Answered:

Appreciation/Blushing/Acceptance for calling someone 'hot' is not betrayal. If anyhow a new girl in your office calls you 'hot' one day, would you not accept the compliment? Or would you say "I am married, I can not accept compliments on my body."? My reaction is simply based on the way you mentioned your problem. It is you who know the correct contemporary situation in your life. I think you should talk to your wife about this episode. And why would she cheat on you using facebook when she knows that you know the password to her account? Sometimes, when a person joins facebook for the first time, such things are bound to happen. Newcomers can't figure out how to react to a compliment given online or somtimes they just can't figure out who to talk to and who to ignore. You must talk this thing out with your wife and actually guide on how to handle facebook.

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