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What percentage of Indian marriages are arranged?

What percentage of Indian marriages are arranged?

1 Answers

Rosy Andrews Answered:

There is no shortage of people who are absolutely fascinated by arranged marriages. How do they work? Is it moral to have an arranged marriage? Shouldn't marriage be based on love? It is 2020, after all.
The truth is that arranged marriages are still wildly popular, even in the 21st century, and India is a hotspot of prearranged unions.
It is reported that 80% of marriages in India are arranged.
If you aren't familiar with cultures that practice arranged marriage, this may sound strange to you. But they must be doing something right since reports show that divorce rates in India are a teeny tiny 1.1%! That's roughly about 9000 cases of divorce each year, compared to the United States' 2,419,196!
I thought this article 'Why are arranged marriages successful in India?' was a great insight into these statistics.
Arranged marriage isn't black and white. If you're interested in learning more about arranged marriages and Indian culture, check out the 2019 documentary "A Suitable Girl." The film follows three Indian women as they navigate through an arranged marriage, traditional, family loyalty, and their careers.

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