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Should I marry an old man?

Should I marry an old man?

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

Dating an older man is really different than dating someone your own age. Like, really different! It really depends on a person’s preferences.
If you're thinking of starting a romance with someone much older than you, here are the pros of dating an old man that you should know about.
He's mature - no more waiting for the guys you date to catch up with your sparkling wisdom
He's sexually experienced. This may not be your favorite attribute if you tend to get jealous, but there's no mistaking that he probably knows all of those sexy bedroom tricks by this point!
He knows what he’s looking for. He's been through enough relationships to know exactly what he wants and doesn't want from love
He provides stability. Since he's a little bit older, he probably has his life together. No more dating jobless guys who still live with mommy and daddy.
He has time. If you're dating someone who's retired or more established in their career it means that they'll be able to spend more quality time with you.
Men can always have children. Unlike a woman, a man is always able to make babies! So there's no need to worry that you'll miss out on having a family if you're with an older man.
On the other hand, there are definitely some cons of being with someone who's in a different generation than you are, such as:
He may be set in his ways
There's potential that you won't have as much in common
You may be left feeling immature or he may treat you like a kid
You may not get along with each other's friends
He may not be as physically appealing as a younger man
He could be looking to settle down faster than you are
Life may not be as adventurous and exciting if he is older and settled down
He might already have grown children and therefore has no desire to start another family with you
I hope that helps you decide whether or not you should date someone older than you. This article 'Age Difference in Relationships: Will this affect you as a couple?' is a great read on the subject.

Remember, every age bracket has its own pros and cons, so don't let someone a little older and wiser scare you off from a great romance!

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