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What is a wife led marriage?

What is a wife led marriage?

1 Answers

Rosy Andrews Answered:

A wife led marriage is a relationship where the wife takes on the (dare we say prehistoric) 'traditional' role that a husband used to. Basically, a wife led marriage is one where the husband is the more submissive partner.
There are many different levels to a wife led marriage such as having her make all of the decisions, act as the breadwinner, or be the more sexually dominant partner. Another great aspect of a wife-led marriage is that she makes all the decisions.
There's no need to nag or repeat requests to her man because she's in charge. Even if she asks for her guy's opinion, the bottom line is that she decides most of the things including:
how to spend and save the money,
how she wants to be pleased in bed, and
how the household should be run.
This is fantastic because she doesn't have to play games with her man to get what she wants! There's no bartering for sex, no mind-games, and no reason to fight.
On the other hand, the man is left to do the household chores, cooking, and child-rearing.
A female-led marriage is also a big sexual kink for many men. They are excited by the possibility of having sex be used as a punishment or reward; they revel in having their wife dominate the relationship.
If you're interested in being in a female-led relationship (even if only for the sexy benefits) then ask your wife if she's up for a kinky try-out session!
Want to know if you could handle the kink? Check out this 'What kind of wife are you?' quiz!

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