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How can I know if my marriage is over?

How can I know if my marriage is over?

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

Marriage can either be an absolute blessing or a lifelong curse. If you’re feeling apprehensive about your marriage, it could be that it’s time to walk away. Here are some telltale signs for how to know when your marriage is over.
You talk at and not to each other. Partners are supposed to communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another. It's how they grow and connect.
Arguments are aplenty. You keep having the same arguments without resolution, you use arguing as an excuse to belittle or disrespect your spouse, you're only in it to "win", or you never argue (showing that you don't actually care enough about your relationship to bring up the hard stuff).
You don't have sex anymore/there is frequent infidelity. I once read a study that said sex releases a powerful bonding agent, oxytocin, that reduces stress, promotes trust, and enhances your mood. If you're not getting these things from your spouse (especially if the idea repels you!) or you're pursuing affairs to fill the sexual void in your life, you've got marriage problems.
Your relationship is ONLY sex. Okay, so maybe your sex life is popping, but beyond great orgasms, you don't actually have any connection to your spouse. This is definitely a relationship red flag.
You want different things. Things like, you want kids but your spouse doesn't want to start a family, force couples to sacrifice their heart's desires in a way that can breed resentment and even hatred in a marriage.
You've tried everything. If you've made date night a priority (and you can see the benefits of doing so in this fantastic article:), sought marriage counseling, and maintained a healthy intimate connection and things still aren't working, it's time to call it quits.
There's abuse. Whether it's physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal - domestic abuse is never okay. You should never, ever, ever stay in a relationship that is dangerous to your mental or physical wellbeing!
Leaving a marriage is never easy, but neither is staying in a relationship where you feel unloved and unfulfilled. For even more tips, check out this article ‘how to know when your marriage is over and beyond saving.
Wishing you the best of luck!

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