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I just found out I have a bisexual husband - What now?

I just found out I have a bisexual husband - What now?

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

So your husband just told you he's bisexual. Whether you suspected it over the years or not, finding out something that monumental about your spouse can be a shock!
It's natural to feel hurt and maybe even a little bit betrayed by your spouse when you first find out. After all, you thought you knew everything about him. It can also make you feel a little insecure. You may find yourself asking questions like:
Does my husband not find me attractive?
Has our marriage (or parts of it) been a lie?
Is my husband more attracted to other genders than he is to mine?
Does my husband want to explore his newly revealed sexuality even though we're married?
Relax and slow down. Once you're over the initial shock of finding out, do your best to communicate with your hubby. If you have a good guy on your hands, he'll allow you to express how you feel and address any concerns or insecurities you might have.
I found this article ‘All kinds of sexuality – pansexual, bisexual, and married’ to be a really insightful read for a situation like this.
Does it matter if your husband is bisexual? Obviously, this depends on your personal feelings, but try not to read too much into it.
So long as he does not want to do anything that you would deem cheating, there shouldn't really be a problem. After all, he married, is committed to, and loves you.

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