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How often do married couples have sex on an average?

How often do married couples have sex on an average?

1 Answers

Rosy Andrews Answered:

At the beginning of a marriage, a couple's sex life is usually hot and heavy. But as time goes on and sex drives even out, intimacy lessens.
There is no doubt about it - sex is important to a marriage (in fact, here’s 6 reasons why you should be having more of it!) Research suggests that increased sexual activity from once a month to once a week improves personal happiness in the same way that receiving an extra $50,000 a year.
So how often do married couples have sex?
It’s hard to get the true number, but an article I read in Time Magazine did the research and reports an average of 4-5 times per month for the average couple.
But the truth is, it depends on the couple. There is no magic number that will describe a healthy amount of sex in a marriage. So long as intimacy is satisfying and happens more than a couple of times a month, couples will be able to benefit from the bonding effects of the oxytocin hormone released post-orgasm.

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