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What is the dynamic of a cuckold marriage?

What is the dynamic of a cuckold marriage?

1 Answers

David Dawson Answered:

A cuckold man is the one whose a wife sleeps with men besides him, in front of her husband and he is turned on by it. It is a sexual fetish. The origin of the term 'cuckold' comes from the French word 'cucu' and refers to the cuckoo bird's tendency to lay their eggs in another bird's nest. Being in a cuckold marriage does not necessarily mean that husbands and wives do not love or respect one another. They are simply trying out a new sexual kink together. However, there is an element of control or humiliation involved. Is being in a cuckold marriage healthy?  In short, no. I read a great article about how sexual jealousy can negatively affect a marriage, and I think bringing someone else into the bedroom can definitely spur on insecurities. Being in a cuckold marriage can also lead to a wife developing romantic feelings for someone other than her husband and obviously has the potential for partners to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

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