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My guy is afraid of marrying.

I don’t know what it is with men and marriage.
My boyfriend for 8 years acts so tough on other issues but when it comes to taking the big step he runs away and hides like a scared little mouse.
I guess it is a big step but come on we can’t always live like adolescents.
I feel for our relationship to move torwards the next step is marriage but he seems so reclined.
Once I even had a fight with him over this.
I feel he is not coming clean with me and he doesn’t want us to part but he also doesn’t want to get married.
I am stuck here.

1 Answers

Sylvia_1994 Answered:

I been through this - i know what it's like to be with a guy who is commitment-phobic. It's terrible and eventually you are the one who's left hurting. You've already given this man enough time to think through things and if he still can't make up his mind, then he's scared and clearlty not man enough to take a decision or a bigger responsibility like marriage. You need to be strong - be ready to take a stand, tell him this is it - that he needs to make a decision about the relationship. if he can't then leave. just leave without wasting more time.

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