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What are the best relationship sites?

Looking for best marriage and relationship websites.
Please suggest.

1 Answers

Alice Answered:

1. is a great website for relationship advice. It has informative articles (like this one: 8 Tips to Improve Communication in Your Relationship ) quizzes, legal guides from experts, marriage courses, resources (such as how to find a therapist in your area) and this forum we're on right now! Definitely a win in my books.
2. Sexy Marriage
This is a blog run by Dr. Corey Allan, a marriage and family therapist and professional counselor. This blog has a Christian undertone and talks about marriage advice, free classes, and more.
3. The Gottman Institute
Is any list of relationship sites complete without the Gottman Institute? This is a researcher and his wife who have written books and always have awesome advice to give for couples, parents, professionals, etc.
4. Marriage 365
This is a cute little website with articles for couples with practical advice. The goal is to help couples build healthy, happy marriages.

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